PUFFY SUED AGAIN ... Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs, pka Diddy, -Sued by Third Woman for Rape, Choking-

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PUFFY SUED AGAIN ... Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs, pka Diddy, -Sued by Third Woman for Rape, Choking-

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I think most of us expected this...


Diddy Sued by Third Woman for Rape, Choking


9:40 AM PT -- A spokesperson for Diddy tells TMZ ... "These are civil suits with fabricated claims of misconduct from over 30 years ago, which are nothing but a blatant money grab. Mr. Combs is being unfairly targeted by anonymous accusers who lie for financial gain. The New York Legislature never intended the Adult Survivors Act to be exploited."

Diddy has been sued a third time for alleged sexual assault and this time a third person is allegedly involved.

The new lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, was filed anonymously -- by a Jane Doe -- who claims Diddy and singer-songwriter Aaron Hall took turns raping her and one of her friends, either in 1990 or 1991.

The lawsuit alleges the woman and her friend met Diddy at a record event, and Diddy and Hall began flirting with them, buying them drinks during the evening.

The woman claims Diddy and Hall took the woman to Hall's apartment, where she was offered more alcohol and then coerced into having sex with Diddy. She says she was traumatized, and then as she lay in the bed, Hall allegedly came in, pinned her down and raped her.

She says her friend was also raped by both men.

She says a few days later, Combs went to the woman's home and became enraged ... “He was irate and began assaulting and choking Jane Doe to the point that she passed out. Combs was searching for Jane Doe’s friend because he was worried that she would tell the girl he was with at the time what he and Hall had done to them.”

The New York lawsuit, first reported by Rolling Stone, claims she went to doctors and told her family and friends about what happened.

As you know, Cassie filed a lawsuit against Diddy last week, alleging, among other things, rape and human trafficking. The case settled the day after it was filed for an undisclosed amount.

As for the second lawsuit, a rep told us ... "This last-minute lawsuit is an example of how a well-intentioned law can be turned on its head. Ms. Dickerson's 32-year-old story is made up and not credible. Mr. Combs never assaulted her and she implicates companies that did not exist. This is purely a money grab and nothing more."

We reached out to Diddy's rep ... so far, no word back.

https://www.tmz.com/2023/11/24/diddy-su ... n-choking/


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