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Going to Brunch

Post by BDG135 »

Ever go to brunch? How often? Do you get unlimited mimosas?
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Re: Going to Brunch

Post by Bono Nettencourt »

No, they usually comp you only one.
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Re: Going to Brunch

Post by VinnieVincentsVag »

When I lived in Florida there was a place that served unlimited.
They were pretty weak and it was like $20/each.
Breakfast was like Frisches breakfast bar.
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Re: Going to Brunch

Post by Nate S Axel »

Bottomless mimosas at Downtown Terrace in Downtown Container Park.
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Re: Going to Brunch

Post by Metal Sludge »

Brunch is my favorite thing!

We used to go lot before Covid, but that kinda put a damper on buffets of all kinds.
There's a few really great places around here.

Cabo Wabo Cantina, on Hollywood Blvd was great. Not a buffet, but you could pick your entree from the menu and have bottomless mimosas for $20.00. Both your food and drinks for $20.00.
I haven't been for a few years, so it might be $25 or $30 now. But that's fine too.

The Front Yard, in The Garland Hotel in Studio City is fabulous! Also not a buffet, but everything on the brunch menu is "extra", including the mimosas. Here's the link, https://www.thefrontyardla.com/ It's too hard to explain how extra it all is. It's fabulous though. And kind of expensive, but worth it!

Acapulco, has a great brunch buffet, and has forever. There is only one left around here, in Glendale. I can't remember the recent price, I'm thinking $25.00.

Sagebrush Cantina in Calabasas also has their brunch buffet back and bottomless mimosas are included. At least I think they still are. I haven't been since 2015. I think brunch was $35.00 back then. It might be more now.

Quick note! Brunches that are not buffet, often offer brunch on Saturday as well as Sunday!
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