Happy Friday

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Happy Friday

Post by cowpins »

"bus problems come on man so boring we have our bus its awesome and we r watching judge judy on it right now tour is going great 14 more shows to go see you out there rockin peeps not you garbageman you stay home" - HueyRamone, 7/3/12
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Re: Happy Friday

Post by DemonFilth2001 »

Fuck Friday!
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Re: Happy Friday

Post by LAglamrocker »

F*ck Friday!
College girl volleyball on beach F*ck Friday!
Friday = only 1 day away from Dokken at Whisky! F*ck Friday!
Friday = 2 days away from Mariah Carey dressed as Christmas Whore at Hollywood Bowl show
Friday = WWE Smackdown from D- town F*ck Friday
Friday = beach cafe breakfast at 10am
F*ck Friday!
Jani Lane and Bret Michaels should form a band called "Nelson II"
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Re: Happy Friday

Post by Turner Coates »

cowpins wrote: Fri Nov 17, 2023 1:58 am TC, here's a side gig for you.

Three note symphony.

"There's gonna be a civil war!"
"Really? When?"
"Lemme check my phone."
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Re: Happy Friday

Post by GreatWhiteSnake »

Frappe Highday!!
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