Looking for band members for Fleetwood Mac Tribute Act

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Looking for band members for Fleetwood Mac Tribute Act

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"MIrage: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac" is looking for members! Must be willing to wife-swap (we pride ourselves on our realistic act which allows our viewers to suspend disbelief), and good playing is a must! Drug usage is allowed, again, for the sake of realism ONLY, and because "hey, it's your body!". Can't say that it's encouraged, though. And if anything comes between the music for you, seek employment elsewhere.

Must be expected to learn (in their entirety):
Fleetwood Mac - S/T
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

Fleetwood Mac - Tusk (I know, I know, This is unfortunate, but we bust it out once a year for Halloween shows, if you can't be arsed to learn it, don't fucking apply for the gig.)

Expected to learn:

Fleetwood Mac - Mirage - "Gypsy", "Hold Me", "Oh Diane"
Fleetwood Mac - Tango in the Night - "Big Love", "Little Lies", "Everywhere", "Caroline"

Not Expected to Learn:
-Pre- Buckingham/Nicks Mac - Lucky You. I love that era Fleetwood Mac, but that's a lot less shit to worry about for you.

-Anything Buckingham/Nicks solo. I guess specifically Buckingham/Nicks - S/T, but pretty much for the same reason no Buckingham/Nick-less Mac in the playlist. It seems excessive, and it don't "put asses in the seats".

-That album that wasn't shitty, but also was kinda forgettable, where they needed two guitar players to replace Lindsey Buckingham.

-Fleetwood Mac - The Dance.
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Re: Looking for band members for Fleetwood Mac Tribute Act

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Re: Looking for band members for Fleetwood Mac Tribute Act

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