Does Physical Distribution Matter Any More in Music?

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Does Physical Distribution Matter Any More in Music?

Post by Anthony »

While bold early adopters were first discovering the joy of online shopping back when the internet initially gained steam, most consumers were still a little nervous about purchasing items from websites. E-commerce began as a niche shopping experience for super consumers who wanted very specific products that couldn’t be found in their local markets.

Now, it is totally mainstream. The idea of purchasing an item from a retailer or small business anywhere in the world using a credit card or secure ordering system over a mobile phone has become commonplace. Has the music industry adapted to this? I would argue that, when you look at how many artists are wasting funds on physical distribution that they can’t afford and that their fans aren’t using, the industry needs to take a longer look at the overall efficiency and usefulness of the physical distribution of CDs.

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Re: Does Physical Distribution Matter Any More in Music?

Post by Tattooed_Saint »

Personally, I wont buy music that I cant have a physical copy of. Paying for digital music sucks as far as I am concerned. It is alchemy! I want to be able to hold the LP or CD in my hands! :)
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