Hanging out....Honing My Craft.

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Hanging out....Honing My Craft.

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Some people will tell you to "lurk more". In fact, I may have told you to lurk more. I "lurked more" myself, and I have also advised others to lurk more. And you know what? That advice? Well, it's great, to a point. Or, at least, 'lurking' isn't harmful in and of itself.

But you're never going to get better if you never practice post. "remember Woosh, remember your audience* Hey, you guys remember Motley Crue, right? They had a song on Theater of Pain called "Use it or Lose It" and I'll be dmaned if Vince Neil wasn't singing the MuhFuckin TRUTH on that one. "Better Use it, before you lose it. Better Use it, don't throw it away-hey-hey-hey". Think about that shit next time you post, chief. But where do you post?

Here's where I come in and say: why not post somewhere nobody will see it? A place for practice posting? "But Woosh" you say, "How does one 'practice post'?"

Here. This is where you do it. This is where you become the best. This is the TEMPLE. You're reading this. You're already here. You've already won the battle. Now let's get ready to win THIS WAR ARGGGGHHH!!!!!

Kinda like Richard Pryor dropping in front of a crowd of 30 people and giving them 45 minutes of brand new material because he knows he's got an HBO special in less than a year, and he's got to be prepared.
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