Magazines, cassettes, CD bootlegs

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Magazines, cassettes, CD bootlegs

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Starting to purge some of the old stuff.

Got a ton of rock and guitar magazines from the 80s-90s, Guitar World, Guitar One, Metal Edge, Guitar, etc.

Cassettes and vinyl mostly from 70s-90s, got thrash, glam, shred, classic rock, hip hop, alternative, and a whole lotta grammas music.

CD boots, some obscure stuff like Madam X, Rough Cutt, johnny crash, Wildside, Cherry Bombz, and bigger stuff like Ratt, Crue, poison,

Pm me what youre looking for

Im Looking for live boots of: loudness, lag, gnr, deep purple, hawkwind, bad4good, dirty looks, madam x with Baz, skid row last night of bon jovi tour, mickey ratt, slave raider, phantom blue, runaways, VVI
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